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  • Chia Charms

    Chia Charms

    Chiaseeds are trendy. Known as one of the superfoodsthat are driving the food market, Chia(Salvia Hispanica) has become also…

  • Tatoo Care

    Tatoo Care

    A tattoo is a body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to…

  • Wet Wipes

    Wet Wipes

    Modern life has changed our lives dramatically. Probably starting with disposable diapers and razors, new production systems make that…

  • New Ingredients 2016

    New Ingredients 2016

    New Ingredients 2016
    - COBIODEFENDER EMR Skin electromagnetic defense
    - CHIAPROTECT Skin care
    - COBIOREPAIR WGC Natural extracellular matrix for tissue repair

  • Hair Anti Aging

    Hair Anti Aging

    We’re in an era of limitless options in skin care routine and the hair care industry is following suit….

  • Winter Cares

    Winter Cares

    Historically, VIPs and royals knew they have to follow some guidelines to keep their beauty intact during winter season….

  • Detox


    Time, sun exposure, the elements, pollution and our lifestyles all take their toll on our skin. Also any excess,…

  • Beard Matters

    Beard Matters

    To have a beard has become trendy amongst men. It is true that there are some careless beards, but…

  • In Cosmetics Product Trails

    In Cosmetics Product Trails

    In-Cosmetics Asia is the largest Active Ingredients exhibition held in the continent and Cobiosa has participated in the last…

  • Marine Ingredients

    Marine Ingredients

    Marine ingredients have been used for centuries in Cosmetics products.
    Collagen, Elastin, Glycogen from marine origin are always widely used…

  • Face Masks

    Face Masks

    Three reasons for this success:

    - Masks have become a habit amongst youngest female consumers. Increasing concern about air pollution…

  • Compact Powders

    Compact Powders

    Competition is harder and harder. Cosmetic companies are differentiating their make-up products adding the advantage of active ingredient treatments.