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  • Lonzabac 12.100

    Lonzabac 12.100

    Lonzabac™ is an effective cationic antimicrobial agent, that may be used in formulations pending local regulatory restrictions. This…

  • Hyamine 1622 Crystals

    Hyamine 1622 Crystals

    Hyamine 1622 microbiocide is a crystalline quaternary ammonium compound. Hyamine 1622-50 percent is a 50 percent active concentrate. These…

  • Bardac 2240

    Bardac 2240

    For use in Hygiene, Wood Protection, Water Treatment and Antiseptic.

    The Bardac® family of products are quaternary ammonium compounds with…

  • Spectradyne


    This is an effective cationic cosmetic preservative. This low-foaming ingredient can be used in hand and body washes, cosmetics…