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Sodium Bisulphate




Sodium bisulphate (sodium hydrogen sulphate) is a pearl-shaped, white to slightly yellow product. It has no smell and dissolves well in water. Aqueous solutions have an acidic reaction.
Sodium bisulphate is hygroscopic.


We produce sodium bisulphate (NaHSO4) or sodium hydrogen sulphate as the biggest supplier in Europe in our Frankfurt-Höchst plant.

Being the main constituent of acidic cleaners for households, industry and dairies, we serve an important market segment in the cleaning agents industry.

Furthermore, sodium bisulphate is also used to treat water, for example to set the pH-value of swimming pools.
Other applications for sodium bisulphate are in dyeing plants, textile processors, the leather industry and in the metal industry.

Product range

Sodium bisulphate is shipped in 25 kg sacks, Big Bags with max. 1,000 kg, road silo tankers or bulk containers.
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