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Nutrition / Reparation

  • Bio-Keratin PF

    Bio-Keratin PF

    Peptides from Hydrolyzed Keratin, of high concentration.
    Paraben Free.

  • Nano-Bioslim

    Liposomes with an effective combination of marine and botanical extracts, concentrated, with slimming and firming effects

  • Trichomega

    High concentration of botanical Omega 3, 6 & 9 for the care of split hairs and broken ends

  • Hairdensyl Complex

    Complete marine & botanical multi-functional complex for the care of thin, devitalized and weak hair.

  • Radiancyl

    Nutritive and firming natural plant extract for a radiance skin and hair.
    Extracted from Maca, the Inca’s main vitality source

  • Bio-Nutryl


    Amniotic Fluid. Sterilized and stabilized for cosmetology

  • Hydro-Marine Collagen

    Hydrolyzed collagen from marine origin, rich in peptides and amino-acids.

  • Bio-Marine Collagen Hair

    Native and soluble marine collagen of high concentration and purity.
    It has a 99% ourity and concentration between 3 and…