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  • Face masks 2

    Face masks 2

    Masks market is evolving. Companies are trying to offer not just performing but amazing products as well: masks that…

  • BB and CC Creams

    BB and CC Creams

    BB creams began as a product developed by a German dermatologist in 1970. It means Blemish Balms. The original…



    COBIOWHITE is a botanical extract with whitening and antioxidant activity. COBIOWHITE has shown to inhibit melanogenesis and tyrosinase activity…



    COBIO-PHYTONIC is a botanical active ingredient formulated combining the extracts from 6 plants with hydro-soluble vitamins. Thanks to this…

  • New Ingredients 2017

    New Ingredients 2017

    Synergistic botanical ingredient with Anti-dark circles, Anti-puffiness and decongestive activity Radiant Look.

    Botanical extract with whitening and antioxidant activity…

  • Pollution


    Skin Barrier is of critical importance against external penetration of harmful substances. Using natural Ceramides, the epidermis is reinforced…



    Quinoa is an Andean plant from Peru. Also known as kinuwa or Peruvian Gold, it was cultivated and used…

  • Chia Charms

    Chia Charms

    Chiaseeds are trendy. Known as one of the superfoodsthat are driving the food market, Chia(Salvia Hispanica) has become also…

  • Tatoo Care

    Tatoo Care

    A tattoo is a body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to…

  • Wet Wipes

    Wet Wipes

    Modern life has changed our lives dramatically. Probably starting with disposable diapers and razors, new production systems make that…

  • New Ingredients 2016

    New Ingredients 2016

    New Ingredients 2016
    - COBIODEFENDER EMR Skin electromagnetic defense
    - CHIAPROTECT Skin care
    - COBIOREPAIR WGC Natural extracellular matrix for tissue repair

  • Hair Anti Aging

    Hair Anti Aging

    We’re in an era of limitless options in skin care routine and the hair care industry is following suit….