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SPHINGOLIPIDS-COB is a lipid active ingredient with homologous composition and similar functions to the epidermal and hair lipids.

SPHINGOLIPIDS-COB on skin strengthens hydro-retention power, by enriching the inter-corneocitary cement and the stratum corneum lipid membrane, improving its biomechanical properties.

Determines a MICRO-FILM activity wich reinforces the homologous lipidic complexes, as well as the epidermal and sebaceous lipids. This makes it perfect for lip care.

Lips are particularly sensitive, being covered by a thin and little keratinized epithelium. They need special protection and maintenance of the quality of their lubricating elements.

SPHINGOLIPIDS-COB maintains lips turgidity and optimal hydration status, increasing the quality of its own hydroretention and permanent lubrication.

Cosmetic Use :

  • Stressed, rough, scaly and dry skin care creams
  • Skin suffering from chemical or environmental damages
  • Treatments for skins lacking protection
  • Solar care products.
  • Lip care products and treatment make-ups
  • Products for damaged, dry and prematurely aged hair
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