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Seasonal Hair Loss

Date: April 20, 2019 Category: ,

Seasonal Hair Loss

Hair shedding in Autumn is as natural as leaves falling. Do you know your hair responds to sunlight just like a plant?

During spring and summer, our hair flourishes, because sunlight triggers hair growth hormones.
Shorter days in autumn bring changes: It starts the signal for hair follicles to carry out a longer shadding phase than usual.
Hair loss is not restricted to autumn but it is more intense at this period. If you are concerned about the amount, duration or pattern of hair loss, there are ways  to prevent excessive hair shedding:

Bio-Capigen Veg Anti-hair loss and hair growth complex, from botanical origin. A botanical alternative to animal keratin. Made of Hydrolyzed soy protein, Red Onion,   Ginseng Extract, Zinc PCA, Amino acids, Glucose and Vitamins from Group B. BIO-CAPIGEN VEG reinforces hair vitality stimulating hair growth and decreasing hair loss while promoting keratin synthesis.

Glycoenergizer Hair Highly purified glycogen obtained from marine origin with epigenetic activity. It’s homology with the epidermal and hair’s cells glycogen, assures the availability of energy at the active growth phase of the hair follicle. It is capable of regulating miRNAs stimulating hair growth.

Radiancyl Hair growth booster, RADIANCYL is madre from Maca Root Extract, extremely rich in nutritious substances, being an anti-hair loss and hair growth active ingredient.  It increases hair thickness and improves devitalyzed hairs by promoting fibroblast proliferation and protecting the hair bulb. After 8 weeks the capillary density increased by 38.7%.  In 90% of the volunteers the thickness of the hair increased by 19.5%.