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Oily Skin

Date: October 29, 2018 Category: ,

Oily Skin

Maintaining clean, clear pores is a skin basic for preserving its healthy looking. Oily skin is due to overactive sebaceous glands  and can occur in both males and females.  Oily  skin looks greasy and shiny, with large open pores. It feels unpleasant, prone to acne, blackheads and spots and may be a serious cosmetic problem.


Purified, concentrated active, extracted from the pulp of Fomes officinalis. Pore-Reductyl is a natural astringent, containing agaric acid, that overcomes all excessive secretion, smoothing, tightening and moisturizing the skin.

Sebo-Reductyl is a botanical complex especially designed for  the care of oily skin prone to acne. Composed with Sulfopeptides and amino acids from Yeast, Fomes officinalis, Vitamins from group B and Allantoin, Sebo-Reductyl modulates the sebaceous secretion, reducing the pore size and inhibiting the lipogenesis.

Cobiocare is an standardized extract  from propolis with a preserved bio-active  polyphenolic combination (phenolic  acids, aglycon bioflavonoids,  glycosides) , providing it with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties. In clinical studies it has  shown to reduce acne lesions by 60% and sebum production by 40%.

Cobio-αHa is a synergic complex of Alpha Hydroxy Acids strengthened with moisturizing agents: Oligosaccharides and Urea, main components of the NMF. Cobio-αHa improves cutaneous softness and comfort. Activates exfoliation, strengthens the natural acidity of skin  and reinforces the epidermal barrier, improving the skin tone.