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Oceovital GAG

Complex of biopolymers from marine origin. Combination of Glycogen and GlycosAminoGlycans making a powerful Polysaccharides compound


  • Combination of Polysaccharides homologous to the ones founded in the skin.
  • Improve the tone and turgescence of the skin.
  • Emollient, softener and filmogenic, making the skin more comfortable.
  • Stimulates the metabolic processes of skin cells and improve their oxygen use.
  • Restores the energetic reserves of tired and stressed skins.
  • Soother and moisturizer of the stratum corneum.

Cosmetic Use:

  • Moisturizing and energizing body and face treatments
  • Anti-aging and anti-stress products
  • Protective and restoring formulations. Sun care products
  • Moisturizers and skin comfort treatments

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