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Definition :
Snail secretion filtrated, concentrated and purified, enriched with Glycosaminoglycans, Allantoin and Collagen.

Properties :

  • Helps cicatrization. It also assists in diminish queloids and stretch marks
  • Fights against flaccidity and decreases cellulite problems
  • Anti free radical
  • Regenerates damaged tissues
  • Decreases skin spots
  • Improves significantly acne situations, helping to avoid bacteria growth
  • Reduces inflammations in skin
  • Improves burns. Indicated for after sun exposures

Cosmetic use :

  • Anti-aging preparations
  • After-sun, after-shave, after-depilation treatments
  • Anti-stretch marks products and formulation to improve scars
  • Lightening products because its exfoliant action

Dosage :

From 1 to 5%


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