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Locust bean gum (LBG, also known as carob gum, carob bean gum, carobin) is a thickening agent (gelling agent) used in food technology.

LBG, also known as ceratonia siliqua and black locust bean gum, is a kind of polymer of mannose and galactose. The locust bean has no color or flavor. The powder is exquisite highlighting sound transparency, thickening and water-retaining property. It is the excellent natural thickening stabilizer.

Coordination effect :

compound with agar and carrageenan to improve the gel structure and reduce the dosage;

Water-retaining and stabilization function: which may effectively prevent the food’s shrinking from dehydration;

To control the formation of ice crystal;

To improve the food taste, stability and shaping effect;

To prolong the food shelf life;

As the natural source of dietary fiber.

Applications in Cosmetic

Locust bean gum can be used in gels, creams and lotions in hair and skin care applications.

Used alone, its thickening and skin friendly properties make it a highly effective viscosity adjuster. In combination with other hydrocolloids, it also becomes an emulsion stabilizer.

  • Thickening
  • Texture modifier
  • Stabilizer
  • Gel strengthener