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Lipo Ceramidyl 20

Definition: Lipo-soluble Glycoceramides concentrated at 20% and highly purified, analogous to the ceramides 4/5 of the skin. Properties:

  • Reinforce the skin barrier function
  • Repair uncomfortable skins (sensitive, dry, atopic)
  • Improve the protection againts environmental aggressions, detergents, sun radiation, oxidative stress,…
  • Mantain optimal hydration reducing the Trans-Epidermal-Water-Loss
  • Inprove the resistance at sensitive skins, reducing its irritation potential
  • Restore damaged skins due to sun exposition
  • Strengthen hair cuticule protection

Cosmetic Use:

  • Preparations for dry, scaly, sensitive and stressed skins
  • Atopic skin care
  • Products for dry and weak hairs
  • Anti-aging treatments for skins with lipid deficiencies

Dosage: From 1,00% to 2,00%