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Lactic Acid Heatstable

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Lactic Acid Heatstable

Lactic Acid Heatstable is produced from natural corn starch by advanced bio-fermentation and refining technology. The lactic acid is colorless liquid, having a mild acid odor and taste.

Application Areas
Lactic Acid Heatstable can be used as acidulant, flavoring agent and pH regulator in beverages, meat, sourdough, salads and dressings, confectionery and pickled vegetables.

Typical Applications
- Acidification agent for beverages
- Preservative and flavoring in dressings and salads
- Fermentation and pH regulator in beer, wine and spirits
- Antimicrobial agent and shelf life extender in bakery, meat products


Other Applications

Home Care

Our lactic acid and other products are able to help you formulate a more sustainable product. The anti-microbial, de-scaling and cleaning properties of our lactic acid can help you make a better product that is safer to use and environmentally friendly.

Our lactic acids have been tested in a wide variety of different products for their anti-microbial use. They are easy to formulate.

De-scaling can be achieved by using our bio degradable lactic acid. We are happy to help formulate a better cleaning solution that is cost effective.

Our ethyl lactate can be used in solvent cleaning and degreasing. As it is a natural ingredient it can be used to formulate a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly.

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Our lactic acid is the perfect natural solution to preserving your precious products. Besides it can also promote health through supplementation of minerals in a bio available manner.

Our lactic acid can also improve your products in their function as a surfactant. Using our products will give your product a moisturizing property while remaining natural

Lactic acid can help control the growth of bacteria on the skin and thereby improving the skin quality and appeal.


Lactic acid can be used in a wide variety of application in the pharmaceutical industry. We make sure our lactic acid is purified to your standards and complies with regulations.

Our sodium lactate can be used in dialyses and similar applications as an isotonic agent.
Other products can also be used to promote health and wellbeing through supplementation of the regular diet.