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Date: June 18, 2022 Category: ,


The challenges of maintaining and enhancing skin firmness and skin elasticity are the target of many cosmetic preparations, but few ingredients can make the clinically proven claims that are possible with Kigafirm, the remarkable fruit extract of the mystical African tree, Kigelia Africana. Several publications in the academic literature have shown that extracts of Kigelia show anti-inflammatory activity with low toxicity. The skin-firming capacity of the extract has been shown in independent trials.

Kigafirm is targeted at the skin firming and anti-inflammatory potential of this plant. Kigelia Africana contains verminoside that confers anti-inflammatory activity and anti-nociceptive activity with very low toxicity (LD50 or 1.3 g/kg). Verminoside has been shown to inhibit enzymes involved in inflammation by up to 83% at very low concentrations.

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