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Hydrotensyl complex

Complex of 3 powerful actives with extraordinary benefits for the skin: Ecological Honey Extract, Marine native Collagen, and Marine Hydrolyzed Elastin


  • Reinforces the hydro-lipidic barrier, maintaining the cutaneous moisture and tonus.
  • Filmogenic effect, helping dry and mature skins to defend themselves from the environmental damages, specially the UV exposition.
  • Increases the elasticity tonus and restructures the morphology of surface of the cutaneous micro relief
  • Natural moisturizer. Reproduces the skin’s NMF
  • Hydro-retention and hydro-regulation
  • Improves the flexibility and softness of the skin.

Cosmetic Use:

  • Products for dry, rough skins
  • Beauty preparations for face and neck like anti-aging, nutritive or moisturization formulations
  • Treatments for dry and sensitive skins, reactive to environmental aggressions
  • Preparations for skins lacking elasticity
  • Treatment make-up
  • Body gels or lotions

From 3.00% to 5.00%

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