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Hairdensyl Complex

Complete marine & botanical multi-functional complex for the care of thin, devitalized and weak hair. Volume for the hair


  • Proteins from native marine collagen for the hair’s external protection
  • Amino acids from hydrolyzed marine elastin for internal use to improve the vitality of hair follicles in the scalp
  • Polysaccharides and moisturizing factors extracted from honey extract to improve the hydroretention and hydrocaptation capacity
  • Energy source from marine glycogen to stimulate new hair growth

Cosmetic use:

  • Increases hair protection and reinforces the cohesion of the cuticulary scales
  • Restores the vitality of hair follicles and prevents from UV penetration
  • Recoves the energetic reserves of follicle’s cells
  • Stimulates effect on the growth of human hair follicles
  • Increases hydration and hair’s flexibility

From 5.00 to 10.00%

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