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Curly hair has particular characteristics in elasticity and shape that requires special and different care.
Curly hair is more fragile than straight hair. When it is tightly curled, the sebum cannot travel down the hair strand and dryness is an issue, being susceptible to more breakage and scalp damage. Ethnic hair requires specific care.
ETHOMEGA is an exotic and exclusive oil mix combining the soothing, calming and antioxidant properties of Chia seed oil with the powerful nourishing properties of Sacha Inchi oil.

It is loaded with:

  • Very high content of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs).
  • Specially concentrated in α – linolenic acid (Ω 3)
  • High concentration of linoleic acid (Ω 6) and oleic acid (Ω 9).
  • High concentration of Tocopherols (delta & specially gamma, not found in other botanical oils).

Cosmetic Use :

  •  Reduce split hairs and hair breakage
  •   Restores the scalp & hair barrier
  •   Increases brightness
  • Prevents hair sun damage
  •   Protects hair color
  •   Improves scalp comfort  calming itching  sensation
  •   Restores moisturization
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