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Gellan Gum

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Gellan Gum

Gellan Gum is a kind of extra cellular polysaccharide excreted by microorganism Pseudomonas elodea.It is a linear structure with a repeating unit of tetrasaccharide.As emulsifier,suspension agent,thickener,stabilizer, gelling agent, tissue culture medium,film former and lubricant,gellan gum has been widely used in over 20 fileds, such as food, cosmetics, detergent, ceramics, petroleum exploration and coating for chemical industry, it is considered as one of the most advanced food additive in the world.


Items Index
Appearance White powder
Gellan Gum content(%) 85.0—108.0
Loss on drying(%) ≤15.0
Lead(mg/kg) ≤2.0
Particle size(%) 80 Mesh ≥98
Transparency(%) ≥85
Gel strength(g/c㎡) ≥800
Ash(%) ≤15
PH(1% Solution) 6.0—8.0
Bacterium account(CFU/g) ≤10000
Coliforms(MPN/100g) ≤30
Yeast and mould(CFU/g) ≤400
Salmonella 0/25g



Low Acyl Gellan Gum is white powder.

1.The solution made by low acyl gellan gum is clear and with high transparency.
2.The gel strength of low acyl gellan gum is higher.
3.The gels formed by low acyl gellan gum are brittle and with high transparency.
4.Low Acyl Gellan Gum is perfect gelling agent and suspending agent.
5.The application of gellan gum should be in addition with KATIONS ( Ca, Mg, Cl, and
so on).
6.Gellan Gum is soluble in cool water but need to heat up to 85C-90C for throughly


Compared with other colloids, Gellan Gum has many peculiar advantages:

1.Low dosage;
2.Excellent thermal and acid stability;
3.Better taste-releasing ability                                                                                                4.High transparency;
5.Adjustable gel elasticity and rigidity;                                               6.Good compatibility  with other ingredients.