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Corn Starch – Food Grade

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Corn Starch - Food Grade

Corn Starch – Food Grade

Executive standard: GB/T 8885-2008

Production license No.: QS1300 2301 0001

Corn starch is edible product. It can be processed into many kinds of modified starch and hydrolysis products. Using corn starch, we can produce direct consumption food, such as vermicelli. Corn starch is also the material to produce convenience food, jam, ice cream and so on. It can be used to produce degradable plastics. Corn starch is the fermentation raw material. It can be used to produce dextrose, amino acid, alcohol, antibiotic and monosodium glutamate.



Commercial cornstarch is used in the manufacture of sweeteners, sizing of paper and textile and as a food thickener and stabilizer. The by-products are valuable feed ingredients.

Being a pure renewable natural polymer, starch has a multitude of applications.

Starch finds uses in fast food, sweets, sausages, tablets, and paper, corrugated board etc. and plays a prominent part in our everyday life.

Corn, Zea Mays, is grown in most countries throughout the world. It requires, however, warmer climates than found in the temperate zones to grow to maturity.



Moisture (m/m) %                                          : ≤ 14.0

Acidity on dry basis                                        : ≤ 1.8

Ash (on dry basis m/m) %                            : ≤ 0.15

Protein (on dry basis m/m) %                     : ≤ 0.45

Particle Size (100 mesh sieve m/m) %      : ≥ 99.0

Fat (on dry basis m/m) %                            : ≤ 0.15

Sulfur dioxide (mg/kg)                                : ≤ 30.0

As (mg/kg)                                                     : ≤ 0.5

Pb (mg/kg)                                                    : ≤ 1

Mould cfu/g                                                  : ≤ 100