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Definition :
COBIOWHITE is a botanical extract with whitening and antioxidant activity. COBIOWHITE has shown to inhibit melanogenesis and tyrosinase activity in human melanocytes. Its regular use has also demonstrated to reduce dark spots size in volunteers.

Propierties :
The synergistic approach of COBIOWHITE makes it an ideal cosmetic active to reduce dark spots in aged skin: 1) -55 % Anti-tyrosinase and melanin activity 2) Anti-Oxidant Activity: Reducing ROS production in keratinocytes. 3) Anti-matrix metalloproteinase’s activity: Inhibits MMP9, MMP2 in fibroblasts, collagen and elastin degradative enzymes which contribute to the deterioration of the extracellular matrix resulting in wrinkles and skin age. 4) In-Vivo Whitening Activity: After a twice-daily treatment during 56 days with 1% COBIOWHITE, volunteers showed: -21% Skin melanin reduction -25% Dark spot lightening -Hyperpigmentation reduction in 80% of the volunteers -Spot size and shape decreased in 75 % of the volunteers

Cosmetic use :
› Whitening treatments › Photo-aging, brightening/lightening care › Anti-age spot treatment › Anti-oxidant › Anti-aging and firming

Dosage :

From 0.5 – 2%

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