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COBIOGUM is a white odorless powder obtained from the seeds endosperm of the Caesalpina spinosa, a native tree from Peru commonly known as Tara.  100% plant origin, is a natural gelling ingredient alternative to chemical thickeners. The main component of COBIOGUM are galactomannans, a kind of polysaccharides with a unique hydrocolloid nature which provides wonderful rheological properties.
COBIOGUM is compatible with most raw materials used in cosmetic formulations, either in hot or cold process. It is stable in a wide range of pH and easy to formulate with surfactants and electrolytes. The sensory profile is characterized by a soft feel and silky sensation, with no sticky effect. At formulations COBIOGUM ability to retain moisture makes it an especially interesting cosmetics ingredient, it gellyfies easily in water. COBIOGUM is versatile and can be used in both skin and hair offering immediate hydration and smoothness.

INCI NAME:  Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum.
DOSE OF USE:  0,1% – 2 %
SOLUBILITY: Dispersable in water. Non-dispersable in oil.
PRESERVATIVE:  Preservative free

Cosmetic Use :

- Natural gelling agent

- Film-forming active

- Natural moisturizer

- Easy to formulate even at cold process

- ISO 16128 100% Natural

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