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COBIOBRIGHT is extracted from the pulp of Pouteria Lucuma fruit, an exotic fruit from Peru, considered a superfood.

Our skin is the first defense against external aggressions. Currently UV radiation and pollution are the main agents potentially harmful for skin health.  There is a relationship between nitrous oxide (NO2) and the appearance of spots on the skin. Also ozone levels have recently been linked to the formation of wrinkles, as ozone eliminates the layer of anti-oxidants present in the stratum corneum.

Human body has innate defense systems that provide intrinsic protection against these external factors. The main ones are cutaneous pigmentation, DNA repair mechanisms and anti-oxidant protection.

However, chronic exposure to these agents causes sustained responses related to skin aging, such as hyperpigmentation and oxidative stress.

Lucuma is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, carotenes, niacin, dietary fiber, protein, and essential minerals, being a powerful, natural antioxidant  preventing skin photo-aging  caused by oxidative stress

Cosmetic Use :

  • Increases skin luminosity and brightness
  • Anti-aging and skin repair properties
  • Pollution protector
  • Prevents collagen degradation
  • Anti-oxidant
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