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Chia Charms

Date: March 30, 2017 Category: ,

Chia Charms

Chiaseeds are trendy. Known as one of the superfoodsthat are driving the food market, Chia(Salvia Hispanica) has become also interesting in Cosmetics. It is a powerful source of Omega 3 (60%) and also rich in anti-oxidant activity (8 times more than blueberry).

Cobiosa has created CHIAPROTECT,a inspiring ingredient for Hairand Skin. You can check its efficacy in the test we have conducted for both markets. At hair, it delays the color fading. At skin, we have demonstrated its efficacy at sensitive and uncomfortable skins.

Formulations for Hair Care:
•Color Protection Hair Lotion
•Hair Mask
•Hair Conditioner
•Restructuring & Conditioning Serum
•Conditioning Shampoo

Formulations for Skin Care
•Regenerating Lipstick
•Moisturizing Day Cream
•Nutritive Night Cream
•Sensitive Skin Cream
•Amazing Shower Gel
•Peeling Gel to Milk