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Biosponge Hydractyl

Encapsulation of a honey derivative at micro-sponges with long lasting moisturizing properties. Composition similar to the natural Moisturizing factor of the skin


  • Time release liberation of the active ingredient (Bio-Hydractyl)
  • Protection of Bio-Hydractyl from external reactions.
  • Natural moisturizer. Reproduces the skin’s NMF
  • Improves the softness and flexibility of the skin
  • Hydro-retention and Hydro-regulation
  • Reduces de-hydration without occlusive effect
  • Improves un-comfortable and irritated skins

Cosmetic Use:

  • Moisturizing creams and gels
  • Treatments for rouge and dry skins, at face or body levels
  • Lotions and gels for hair care.
  • Make-up treatments.
  • After sun products

From 3% to 10%

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