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Bardac 22C50

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Barlac 22C50

Bardac® 22c50 is Didecyl dimethyl ammonium carbonate and Didecyl dimethyl
ammonium bicarbonate. This advanced quaternary ammonium compound is technologically differentiated, research developed manufacturing use product. Its
intended use as an active ingredient raw material for antimicrobial end use formulations such as disinfectants and sanitizers used on hard, non porous surfaces. Bardac® 22c50 is 100% soluble; exhibits broad spectrum micro efficacy in hard water and in the presence of organic soil; is non-corrosive to most metals and will protect many metal surfaces from corrosion; requires little or no additional sequestering agents for optimal performance; has typical foaming characteristics; is compatible with typical nonionic surfactants, many dyes and fragrances.

Physical Properties
Appearance at 25°C                                 Clear to Pale Yellow Liquid
% Quat (MW = 380)                                                48.5 – 51.5
Free Amine, wt%                                                           < 1.5
pH (as is)                                                                           9 – 11
Turbidity (NTU) at 25°C NMT                                    25
Color, Gardner                                                                   4
Analytical methods are available upon request.

Typical Properties
Viscosity                                                                350 cps at 21°C
Specific Gravity                                                      0.96 at 25°C

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