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Bardac 2250

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Bardac 2250

Bardac 2250 and 2280 are twin chain dimethyl ammonium chlorides. When used as an active ingredient in FIFRA1 registered formulations such as hard surface disinfectants, sanitizers and/or certain types of water treatment formulations, these products have been found to provide superior biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms such as: bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae. This “third” generation quaternary ammonium compound delivers potent germicidal action in hard water and organic soil loads.

Typical Chemical Composition
Active Ingredients
Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride    50%
Inert Ingredients
Ethyl alcohol                                                      10%
Water                                                                     40%

Physical State
Clear, pale yellow to straw liquid with a mild odor. Congealing may occur during prolonged storage at low temperatures; this is a reversible on warming with mixing.

Freely soluble in water, lower alcohols, ketones and glycols.

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