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Amazing Gaze

Date: October 18, 2019 Category: ,

Amazing Gaze

The look transmits beauty and appeal and it is essential for interpersonal communication
As we age, the delicate skin around the eyes becomes even thinner and therefore more susceptible to age-related changes.

Eye puffiness appears due to liquid retention as a consequence of higher permeability of blood vessels, which when added to bilirubin accumulation (from hemoglobin breakdown) induces vascular pigmentation and therefore dark circles.

In addition, the deterioration of skin support proteins, like collagen and elastin, contributes to an increased visibility of such signs, besides the development of wrinkles.

Active ingredients that can provide decongestive activity, hydration, nutrition and proteins stimulation for supporting this delicate area, are the perfect match:
1. CobioPhytonic => Decongestive effect

COBIOPHYTONIC is an eye decongestive botanical active. It is an extract combining 5 amazing medicinal plants and bioflavonoids and performs positive activity on eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles, clinically probed.

2. CobioLift => Immediate lifting effect

COBIOLIFT is a purified fraction of polysaccharides extracted from Quinoa’ seeds, a Peruvian Superfood. This natural tensor has a 3D structure which perfectly fits with the skin’s surface forming a cohesive and continuous biological film, with strong immediate lifting effect.

3. CobioBright => Luminosity & brightness

COBIOBRIGHT is extracted from the pulp of Pouteria Lucuma another exotic Superfood fruit from Peru. Loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and other powerful active compounds with antitirosinase activity. COBIOBRIGHT increases skin luminosity by 49,7 %, evens the skin tone and restores its  vitality.
4. CobioAge => Redensifying

COBIOAGE is an extract from the pod of the Caesalpina spinosa, a native tree from Peru, with a very powerful anti-aging, anti-oxidant, redensifying and firming activity, improving skin density +10,54 %. COBIOAGE brings a broad spectrum action, giving cosmetic formulas versatile efficacy.