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Amphoterge W-2

Date: February 28, 2013 Category: ,

Amphoterge W-2

Amphoterge W-2 are coco-substituted imidazoline amphoteric surfactants. These high foaming surfactants can be easily used in a broad number of personal care applications where mildness, foaming and compatibility are important. Amongst Lonza’s Amphoterge imidazoline surfactants, both Amphoterge W and Amphoterge W-2 produce the most foam.

 High Foaming.
 Mild on skin and eyes.
 High electrolyte tolerance.
 Compatible with other surfactants.

Suggested Applications
 Shampoos
 Liquid Hand Soaps
 Body Washes
 Moist Towelettes
 Automobile Washes

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